Pet Pain Management

Providing comprehensive and compassionate pain management for pets in Washougal, WA, and the surrounding areas.
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Pet Pain Management in Washougal, WA

For our experienced veterinarians, nothing is more important to your pets’ overall well-being and quality of life than managing pain. Our pet pain management services are key to maintaining their comfort by reliably addressing acute and chronic conditions.

Understanding Pet Pain

Pets can experience pain due to various reasons, including injury, surgery, arthritis, or other underlying health conditions. It’s important to recognize signs of pain in pets, as they may not always show obvious symptoms.

At Camas Washougal Animal Hospital, we take a multi-faceted approach to pet pain management. Our veterinarians will assess your pet’s condition and create a customized pain management plan tailored to their specific needs. Our goal is to alleviate your pet’s pain and improve their quality of life.

Some common signs of pain in pets include:

  • Decreased Activity: Pets may be less active or reluctant to move around.
  • Changes in Appetite: A decrease in appetite or changes in eating habits can indicate pain.
  • Aggressive Behavior: Pets in pain may exhibit aggressive behavior, especially when touched or approached.
  • Vocalization: Whining, whimpering, or vocalizing can indicate discomfort.

We offer a range of pain management services for pets, including:

  • Medications: We prescribe pain medications to help manage your pet’s pain and discomfort.
  • Physical Therapy: Physical therapy can help improve mobility and reduce pain in pets with musculoskeletal issues.
  • Acupuncture: Acupuncture is a holistic treatment that can help alleviate pain and improve overall well-being in pets.
  • Nutritional Counseling: Proper nutrition is essential for managing pain and promoting healing in pets.

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If you believe your pet may benefit from pain management, schedule a consultation at Camas Washougal Animal Hospital. Our compassionate team is here to provide the care and support your pet needs to live a comfortable and pain-free life. Contact us today to learn more about our pet pain management services or to schedule an appointment.